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How to Use Google Analytics for Your Ecommerce Business


About This Course

Ecommerce is a competitive field to be involved in, and it can be difficult for some entrepreneurs to assess how successful their businesses are. When you’re assessing the success of your store you may opt to analyze the amount of sales which you’ve made, the amount of revenue your store has generated, or the number of products which you’ve sold. These are all great metrics to measure, but there are a lot more statistics which are valuable when you’re running an ecommerce business, some of which are only available with Google Analytics. With Google Analytics you’ll be able to gather data about your store, and be able to better analyze how successful your store is.

We’ve created this article to help you understand how you can use Google Analytics to help your ecommerce business grow. At the end of this article you’ll have a strong grasp of the metrics which are important to measure for your ecommerce business, and you’ll know exactly how you can measure them yourself. Let’s go!.


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Andrew Roach

Andrew Roach is a Content Marketer at Oberlo. He is passionate about ecommerce and creating insightful content to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses.

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